13 January 2012

Dominion Prosperity - Round 1

 This past Wednesday we played the Dominion expansion, Dominion: Prosperity. If you have played the original Dominion this games adds a lot to the original game. There were metal tokens and coins. New victory points and more treasure cards. This game adds more, more, more to the game. When we were finished we both said we felt like we played a new game. A game that brought Dominion to another level. I think we each had more cards than we have ever had in a game of Dominion. And we both ended with more points than we have ever had in a game. Our normal games of Dominion usually end with the winner having 35-50 points. In this game we both had over 70 points and the winner had over 100 points.
I love the variety this game brings to the Dominion series. I am excited to play with the other cards and mix and match with our other Dominion set. We both came away liking the new expansion. I don't think either one of us was trying to win this round. We were mostly just seeing what we could do with the new cards, and how they effected the game. Can't wait to play another round of this one. If you want to see a full video review of this game check out The Dice Tower's review of the game here. 

Dominion Prosperity was purchased by GWT.

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