25 April 2012

Do Not Open Ever! - Risk Legacy #4 (Spoilers Hidden)

For this episode of Risk Legacy, I am going to have the spoilers hidden with the background and text having the same background. If you want to see the spoilers, simply highlight the text using your mouse, touch pad, etc. 

Our fourth round of Risk Legacy started off on a sad note, we found out that one of the guys that normally comes would not be able to make it. This left us with only four players. As always (well, at least starting last week), I asked if we should open the "Do Not Open Ever" envelope. There were three yes votes and one no vote. So, with one person missing we opened the famed envelope. Here were the contents: The envelope contained seven cards. Two explained what was in the envelope and what had happened. We had awakened some ancient being that had been living on our world. The envelope contained five identical event cards. Each person present was able to right their name on the top of the card. The cards were then added to our event deck. Each of these cards allows for the player on the top of the card to do one of the following. Make everyone discard all their resource cards, destroy an HQ, place 6 troops on a territory of their choice, or stop any attacks over sea lines until that player's turn. These cards can be destroyed (i.e. permanently removed from the game), if a player removes ten troops.  

After opening the envelope, we started play. We used the new draft system from the previous envelope we opened. This was the first time for that and it was fun and interesting. I liked the new twist. I started in Eastern Canada. I made poor decisions in this game. I started a mere two territories away from another player. The other two players started in the Middle East and Peru. I decided to do something rash. As the first player, I quickly moved north and attacked my opponents base in Iceland. I attacked twice, and then realized that even if I defeated him, he would be able to restart, and could possible restart a few spaces away from me. However, the damage was already done. War was declared. On Iceland's turn, he immediately retaliated. This left us both weak and vulnerable. A mistake that would leave us both fending for our lives for the remainder of the game. 

As for the armies in the Middle East and South America, they moved swiftly. They allied with each other so they only needed to fight on one front. The troops from South America moved north into Mustafastan and East into Africa. Their grip on the southern hemisphere was strong and mighty. The numerous minor cities in the area allowed for one player to quickly build up his army. He was the strongest and most fierce, however, a costly mistake and underestimating his ally would cost him the game. He pulled an event card that was from the Do Not Open Ever set. Instead of taking everyone's resource cards, he destroyed my HQ. This gave him one less HQ to go for and almost insured certain victory for his ally. After his turn, his emperor was still strong and was ready to strike to win the game, but his ally had other plans. He had the HQ located in Iceland surrounded. He turned in four resource cards and then began to fight for the island. Their missiles were used to change the course of the battles, but it wasn't enough. His forces were too strong and he took the HQ and claimed his fourth star.

This was the first time we played with only four players and I felt the game was really lacking. We didn't even enter Asia or Australia. They were untouched except for the Middle East. A fifth player really rounds things out and makes ally attempts difficult. After this round, I have to recommend playing this one with five players if at all possible. I would definitely shy away from playing with three as the game time could get stretched quite a bit with that few of players.

This was our fourth game and we have had four different victors, and I believe we have had a different faction win each time as well. Only one player has yet to win a round. Therefore, we are closer to opening yet another envelope. The increase in missiles will also make it more likely that more envelopes will be opened soon. The new things that we have received from the two envelopes we have opened have made the game a lot of fun. They keep the game fresh and exciting and make you have to rethink your strategies after every game. A strategy that worked in game one will not work as well in game three or four. I have really enjoyed Risk Legacy so far; I get the feeling that the more envelopes we open the more chaotic it is going to get. So, until next time, our world will wait for us to battle again. I cannot wait to play again. That is one of the best aspects of this game, it is always leaving wanting more.

Notes: I hope you enjoyed how the spoiler content was hidden, Let me know what you think. The video is courtesy of The Totally Board website. 


  1. You didn't write enough about how I kicked all of your butts. :)

  2. Our do not open ever envelope is different. It says we unleashed a deadly virus to the world. All of the events in it are pretty awful. But it makes me think that there are many different do not open ever envelopes.

  3. Yeah, I heard an interview with the designer and he said that there are at least 4 different envelopes. Actually getting ready to play game #9 tonight.

  4. My Do Not Open envelope has an Unstable orbit problem. the worst card takes away all continent bonuses for the northern hemisphere