28 May 2013

Table Top Football - Weykick Review

by Jason Moslander
Like most of the world, my favorite sport to watch and play is football (soccer). Naturally, with my love of the beautiful game, Subbuteo has been on my wishlist. This game has been around since the 1940s, and has recently been made available again. However, currently (at least as far as I know) the game is only available in Europe which would mean a high shipping cost for me. The other game that I have been eyeing is Weykick. I am always on the lookout for a great football table top game. So far, the prospects have been limited to two games. The first is

Designer: Ulrich Weyel
Publisher: Mayday Games & Weykick.de
Players: 2 players
Time: 10 minutes
Mechanics: Dexterity

Overview & Game Play
The "goal" of Weykick is to score 10 goals first. This is done on a wooden surface that resembles a football pitch. Each player then takes control of two wooden football players. Each of the players has a magnet on the bottom of it and is connected to another magnet that is attached underneath the playing board. The players grab these magnets and move them along the underside of the playing surface to control their players. Each player can only move their players on their half of the field (There is a wooden beam on the underside of the board so that players cannot cross mid-field. The players then try to get a soccer ball (small marble) into their opponents goal by sliding their 2 players across the surface. Play continues until a player scores 10 goals.
Image via BGG User Ubergeek

Note: I played on the Mayday Games version of Weykick. Weykick.de has several different versions of the game, and I have not played those

If you can see from the photos, this game is made of wood. The sides, players, and surface are all solid wood which make the game very sturdy, and somewhat pricey. The construction of this game is great. Both the players and the board itself feel as if they would last many many years. Although it is very strong, the game is also quite bulky. It doesn't hang easily on a wall like a Crokinole board, so you will need enough space to store this one. I do wish that the sides collapsed easily to make for easier storage, but from what I could tell the only way to make the game store in a small area would be to disassemble some of it (which seems to be more work that it would be worth). I also don't know what that would do to the integrity of the structure.

Game Play
I absolutely loved playing this game, and so did Mrs. Games with Two (we were able to play at Geekwway to the West and I think it was her favorite of the day). She kept saying the whole time we played, "We need to get this," and "The kids would love this!"(which is another plus: very kid friendly and kid durable). The game play is quick and fun. It was easy to learn and I can see gamers and non-gamers of all ages getting into this one. We were even debating if we enjoyed Weykick more than Crokinole (our go to dexterity game).

The pieces move fluidly across the board and it does feel like a real football match. As far football games go, the only thing that is close to the real thing is a Foosball table (one of those definitely isn't fitting inside our apartment). Weykick seems to be the second best option as you have your players kicking the ball back and forth. And although it is a skill game, getting the right bounce or angle and cause the most inexperienced player to beat an experienced one during any given game.
Photo via BGG User XxRegularJoexX
What I Did Not Like
There is not much that I didn't like about the game. As far as game play goes, the only issue is that your hand would sometimes slam into the wood on the sides. I believe this is something you would do less and less the more you played, but our knuckles were beat up after playing half a dozen games. The other issues I have are mostly with the price and the size. First, this game is going to set you back at least $140. That is not a cheap game. Sometimes you can find it on special, but that seems to be the standard going rate. It's also going to be difficult to find people willing to sell you their copy because of the cost of the game and the cost of shipping. I get the high price tag because it is a solid wood construction, but it's going to be difficult for most to pull the trigger on this one. My second beef, is that the game is big and bulky. I touched on this earlier so I won't go too deep here, but make sure you have some space to store this one.

Final Thoughts
If you are a fan of dexterity games, and even remotely enjoy sports, Weykick could be a great choice for your gaming collection. I say sports because you can turn your soccer pitch into a tennis court or an ice hockey rink with a few accessories that are available. These can change up the feel of the game and give you another gaming experience. And as for the game play with the base Weykick, as I said above we had a blast playing it. Someday it may enter into our collection, but I think I am going to have to clear out about a dozen other games to make space on my shelf (we've agreed to keep our gaming collection to what can fit on our book shelf--I've gotten pretty creative with arranging games on it now though). 


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