04 June 2013

Only 2 Players - Top 10 - Intro, Fan Favorites, Honorable Mentions, & No. 10

Time to start another Top 10 List. This time we will be taking a look at some of the best games for 2-players
only. This is defined differently by different people. So, I'll give you my definition. It is any base game that can be played with 1-2 players. What! you just said only. Well, a lot of these games have solo variants, so if it plays with one or two it can be on my list. Next, lots of these games can be played with 3 or 4 or even more players if you add multiple base sets or play with variant. However, the box states 2 players. I am going to include these games as well. The main reason for including these is: one, because I can; two, I like to drive some people crazy; and three, it's fun to include as many fun games as I can. Finally, in contradiction to the previous statement, I am limiting the number of card games, since we recently did our Top 10 2-player card games, and I wanted to feature some other games.

First, I wanted to give you all a chance to tell me some of your favorite two-player games. So, I posed the question on Twitter and Facebook, and received several responses. Here are some of your favorites:

Fan Favorites
Battle Line, Jambo, War of the Ring, Mr. Jack, and Lord of the Rings The Confrontation. I have yet to play any of these yet, but they are all on my want to play and wishlist. So hopefully sometime soon, I'll get a chance to play one or all of these.

Heroscape, Battle for Hill 218, Battle Lore, Stronghold - Some wargames made the cut of favorites. I have yet to play any of these, but I wouldn't be opposed to trying them out. Stronghold interests me in that it has asymmetrical game play. Maybe when my son is older, I can get an out of print copy of it for a couple hundred bucks (Same with Heroscape).

Dungeon Twister, Perry Rhodan, Martinique, Cribbage, Briscola, Cold War: KGB v CIA, , Yinsh, Dungeon Command, The Awful Green Things From Outer Space - I have yet to play any of these, and some of them I had to look up on the Geek. I really want to try out Cribbage soon though, because so many people have lots and lots of good things to say about it.

Jaipur, 1960: The Making of the President - 2 games that I have played and enjoyed, but just didn't make my list. I like 1960, but it was a little long for our liking for a 2-player game.

Honorable Mentions
Morels, Revolver, Rivals for Catan, Lost Cities - I really enjoy all of these games and some of them would have probably made the cut, but I just featured some of them in our last Top 10. So, I wanted to give some other guys a shot.

10. Pentago
Pentago has quickly become a favorite in our house. The game is so quick and easy it makes for a great game to play when you just want to play something fast and easy. There is hardly any setup or tear down time. The pieces are nice hard plastic so the kids can play around with it, and it doesn't get destroyed (plus, it's just fun--always a positive for games). The concept is one that most people are familiar with (get 5 in a row), and the strategy is not deep enough to make your head. The only real problem with the game is that it is almost all skill. So, an experienced player will almost always beat an inexperienced players--like the game of Chess or Checkers. In the end, I am glad we picked this one up. It's a great little game, and for around $20 you can't go wrong.


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