Weird Gambling Games For A Break From The Ordinary

Games With Two

I've always dabbled in gambling games such as blackjack and poker. I've even laid a few sports wagers, even though my knowledge of those games is limited at best before I started looking for some fun offbeat gambling games to try my hand at. Since these tend to have obtuse rules or wouldn't make for very good money makers, I had to find a home audience for these games. Having a home slots tournament has paid my rent on more than one occasion. It's pretty simple to organize actually, especially with a couple beers and some food. Most of my friends like online slots Canada - Grizzly Gambling is obviously their favorite site. So we all pitch in a couple bucks to the prize pool and play the latest slot game for money.

One of the easiest to get friends on board with was putting down small bets on things that don't generally have a big following is weird gambling games. We'd throw down our best guesses on things like yacht sailing and powerboat races as a start, then moved on to things like Academy Award winners and other gambling games. But how about betting on real money races and casino games for free? The platform will give you truly a rich gambling experience; all you need to do is to submit to their no deposit offers and start betting on your favorite race or roll the dices for free.

Everyone knows the Liar's Dice game from Westerns or, more recently, the Pirates of the Caribbean. Each player gets to peek at dice that they've shaken in a cup and flipped over. They then take turns guessing at how many are showing a particular value until someone has the courage to call another on their bluff. The dice are checked and a player is eliminated during each round of this dice game.

the Midnight Dice game sees each player take turns rolling six of our favourite cubes, keeping at least one per round, and rerolling the rest. Before passing their turn, they must have kept at least one 1 and one 4 while aiming to total as close to 24 as possible. The player that hits closest takes the whole pot. In the case of a draw, the pot stays and everyone antes up again for another game.

The last in our adventure into gambling games saw us getting out the cards for a childhood favourite, War. Players flip a card each and the higher card takes both. A tie draws three and the winner takes all. This gambling game wasn't as much fun as it was as children, since there never was an end and I saw the same bets being pushed back and forth endlessly until everyone got bored of the game.

Another exciting type of games for friends are slots in general - and contrary to the popular belief, you don't need to pay money to play them. In fact, many online casinos offer free spins and no deposit bonus offers that allow you to try out the games with the most amazing themes - for free. You can find the most popular and reliable online casinos at and enjoy winning money - without investing money. It is a dream come true!

All in all, these gambling games turned out to overall be more enjoyable for a small group of friends than we had expected than the usual games that everyone thinks of when asked about gambling. I'm going to call these offbeat gambling games a great success and will continue to look for more gambling games to play in the future.

The good news is that you can join friends and play weird games for real money. Premier Racing from Microgaming is one example of a game that allows players to bet for real money. The game can best be described as a virtual horse race where players bet on the outcome of each race. The game makes use of a random number generator to ensure that each race is safe and fair. Simply place and sit back to see if your horse has what it takes to outdo the rest for a cash prize. The latter can be viewed on the paytable and will depend on the size of your bet. Are you looking for even more fun and unique gambling games online? Visiting bonuswang offers this opportunity. With huge bonuses for betting on car racing and unusually themed slots, you can play for hours and never get bored.